The latest flagship Android powered smartphone to hit the market is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is said to be even more exciting and innovative than its predecessor, the Galaxy S III in a few ways. There are some really nice new features included in the smartphone that have not been seen before in any similar device. These are the top three that make the Samsung Galaxy S4 superior to the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Improved Camera Features

One of the most remarkable features on the Galaxy S4 that is a considerable improvement over the Galaxy S III is its camera. It is not even the fact that the new device’s rear facing shooter is 13 megapixels versus the previous generation’s 8 megapixels, but the image sensor is considerably better, making the photos snapped better as well. The Samsung Galaxy S4 takes sharper photos and surprisingly good images in low light settings. The camera is also a good deal faster, and there are added camera features that will please any user who enjoys using their phone for snapping photos. One of the most notable is Animated Photo, which allows you to turn an image into an animated GIF file where an item in your photo will virtually come to life and move around.

New Built in Apps

Samsung has also included a number of great new apps built into the new Galaxy S4 that were not available on the S III. There are useful apps that can help the user to manage his or her life in a number of ways. For instance, S Health is an app that keeps track of your caloric intake and exercise. S Translator, meanwhile, allows the user to translate content that is in another language into English or whatever their main language is. There are 12 languages in all that are supported by the feature. Additional new built in Samsung apps include Optical Reader, which works by using text recognition to do a number of things, and Group Play, which lets users play games with their friends or family members over Wi-Fi and share music, video, photos and other files.

Eye Tracking and Air View Gestures

Finally, the most impressive of all of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the newest Android phones available that makes it superior to the Samsung Galaxy S III are the Eye Tracking and Air View gestures. These items allow the user to control things on their smartphone simply by using nothing more than their eyes or hands. Smart Scroll lets the individual scroll down a page they are reading or viewing on their phone with their eyes as they reach the bottom. Smart Pause allows for the pausing of a video when the eyes are shifted away from the screen. Swipe or hover with the hand or fingertips inches away from the phone’s screen to open an email, view thumbnails from the photo.