No business today can survive online without inviting traffic. Inviting traffic is not easy. There is some misconception among the people that great content can bring you great traffic. Although, it is important to have powerful content but it is alone not enough for driving sales and improving the position of your business.

5 effective tips to get your blog posts shared on the social networks

There is a need to promote your content by optimizing it via sharing on the social media platforms. That is how your readers will promote your content by sharing and reposting. Whether you are a newbie or you are well familiar with social media marketing for promoting business, it is important that that you know some workable ways to get your posts shared on the social media.

This will start a never ending cycle of customer engagement. Here are some of the powerful ways through which you can get your blog posts shared on social media: Maintaining a blog is the first thing that you need to do. Every business website needs a blog if it wishes to become viral soon. Along with having a blog, having a catchy blog title also counts a lot.

The blog title will make people gain interest in you and they may want to read your stuff. Relevant title will matter a lot otherwise you can lose your target audience if you fail to develop interest. Well it not a guarantee that the link of your post shared on the social media would be read by the visitors or users.

Users need a reason that would be compelling enough to read the post or even click through the link. That could have been hard but all thanks to the apps introduced today, life has become easier. Dabbler is an application that can record audio of 60 seconds on iPhone as well as Android devices.

Along with the content, if there will be some audio or video available then it can grab the attention of the visitors in a better way. They might prefer to click through the audio instead of reading the whole content. There is another great social media network introduced named Vine. It can let you create videos in loops to join together.

These videos can be readily shared on Twitter and Facebook. Vine is a creation of Twitter. Whenever a Tweet is made, the video will be displayed automatically and link to the blog post along with the hashtags will also be provided. It sure is a great sharing community.  It has been proven from a research that the Tweets made through the Vine videos have the chance of being shared 4 times more than the standard videos.

Thus, Vine can increase the odds of getting the posts shared on other social media platforms. Not to forget, your blog should have options for sharing the posts too. The share should not just be for a few social media networks. Make sure you add the best ones. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter icons should be present or sure.

Giving too many options will not be appropriate either. These 4 options will do the work. There are certain blogs that show pop ups for sharing the content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. If the reader likes the post or the post is impressive enough then he might give a second thought to share it when the popup appears. Popups certainly can be a lot annoying. Make sure that they don’t turn out to be annoying for the visitors. Hence, whether it is video, audio, image, or some other form of content, it must be informative, persuasive, and impressive enough to be shared by the user. This post is written by Adel Zia, A social media nerd and tech savvy who’s working on a platform which enables you to buy Facebook likes to extend your social network.