Revolution in technology has made online music streaming possible. Whether like listening to slow ambient music or crave for rock peppy numbers everything is today possible with the power of internet. Internet Radio has made it possible to stream music online which was never possible before. Not only you can access radio online but also broadcast your own live station from anywhere you reside with the help of a stable internet connection.

Online Radio

A look into the history of online radio

The concept of Internet radio was pioneered by Sir Carl Malamud in the late 19th century. After which the first ever internet radio talk show was broadcast by Carl in the year 1993.Two years later, was founded as the first ever network for radio broadcast that was approved by ASCAP.NetRadio. With time, coming up of http based streaming platforms like RealAudio made people accessible to more internet radio platforms. Onset of 21st century has revolutionised online streaming like never before, now all major radio channels stream their content online with speed varying between 64 to 128 kbit /second providing an ultimate sound quality similar to one we get from audio CD’s

Let us look inti the Working behind an online radio

There are three pieces of essential equipment that are required for broadcasting your station online to audience. The most essential requirements are wireless connection and a computer system attached to a soundcard. Then you need software that will encode the computer audio signal and send it to the radio servers via the internet to our own servers. There are various third party softwares that can help you with encoding. Encoding is basically done to compress the signals allowing for speedy transfer of data through a stream able format.

Why should you consider listening to an internet radio?

The benefits of online radio are varied. With internet connectivity, there is no dearth of choice available to listener to listen to music of his/her taste. Moreover, internet radio works for everybody as it eliminated the need to be bound by fixed geographical barriers that come with terrestrial land based radio. Weather conditions or environmental factors can bring about a great difference to the quality of sound that you receive through conventional radio. On the other hand internet audio signals are much less compressed to allow greater sound quality similar to the one you get through audio CD’s.

Another advantage that comes with online radio is that you don’t have to listen to irritating long advertisements that come after every song in a conventional radio. There are fewer advertisements and more of hassle free music to provide you with the best experience you are looking for. The cost that goes in paying for an FM/AM radio is definitely higher than one incurred to access internet radio. You are not limited to what is being broadcast; rather there is liberty and freedom to listen to anything of your choice. Hence, online radio has changed our lives dramatically making it possible to access music anywhere.