Do you know which is the best feature of having an android device?

The capability to install applications without using the official app marketplace.

The Google Play store is the best resource, allowing you to enhance your mobile experience as the store has thousands upon thousands of applications obtainable to download.

It allows accessing to more than one million applications, including Instagram, Pandora, Facebook and more. If there may be any time where an application is no longer obtainable for any reason, what you will do?

Google has already removed enormous applications from the Play store for varied reasons; however, the most common reason is that they violate the company’s policy. Once the application has been removed from the store, still you can install it on your android device through the process that is known as “sideloading”.

Install Apps on Your Android from the Web

Here, you can get a complete guide to installing apps on your android device from the web:

Getting Your Device Ready

Before you begin with the procedure to install an application from the web onto an Android device, you need to make some things ready. From your smartphone or tablet that is running Android 4.0 or higher, you can go to Settings, scroll down to Security and choose Unknown sources.

By selecting this option, you can install apps outside of the Google Play store. Moreover, you can also choose to be warned before installing harmful apps as it also depends on your device. You can enable it by choosing the Verify applications option in the Security settings.

Searching & Downloading an Application

Now, you need to download the application from the web once your device is all set to properly receive an application from various sources. For doing this, there are two different ways. However, if you have a desktop or laptop computer, you can select a standard browser in order to download the Android Application package or APK file.

One other option that is obtainable is you can download the APK file through a web browser on your android device that you are using. Both the options will give you the same results; however, there will vary just a little.

However, if you are downloading the APK from the web onto a computer, make sure you take note of where the file is saved; you can connect your phone through a USB cable to transfer the file.

You can also make use of file manager program on the device to search and select the APK for installation once the file is transferred to your device. In case, if you download the file directly from your device’s web browser, you should see a notification in the menu bar, which will enable you to select for installation.

Generally, this route is a lot easier; however, you can take caution with simple to follow the route as files downloaded over the Internet are simple and more susceptible to viruses than a program, which is connected directly from the Google Play store.

Once the file is loaded and installed, the app needs to work as any program would if it was installed from the Google Play store. In order to improve the security after the installation, it would be advantageous to return to your settings and turn off the capability to install from unknown sources.

If you are comfortable by using Android, it is not necessary at this point; however, it does add security by reducing the possibility of an accidental installation over the web. This isn’t necessary at this point, especially if you are comfortable using Android, but does add security by eliminating the possibility of an accidental installation over the web.

Follow The Process

Either you can download the APK file on your mobile device or on your computer; however, the latter is little difficult. To begin with it, you can download an APK file with the help of using either Google Chrome or the stock Android browser.

Apart from this, you can also go to your application drawer and click downloads as you will find the file that you just have downloaded. So, open the file and install the application.

So, this way you can install applications on your android device from the web and start using it. No matter whether you want to install any game or any other app, you just need to follow the above-mentioned guide that allows you to install any app.

However, if you want to develop any android application that you have in your mind, you should hire a professional android app developer from any reputed android development company.