Browserling, the friendly and fun cross-browser testing company, has launched a new geeky and nerdy webcomic about computers, programmers, web developer, web designers, browsers and ghosts. This new comic is located at and is updated weekly, so be sure to subscribe to their feed either over email or your favorite feed reader.

I looked through their webcomic and here are my top 5 favorite jokes.

Front end vs. Back End.


Front end vs. back end joke shows how terrible modern web design is. Front end has to look beautiful but as no one ever sees the back end it’s the most terrible thing ever.



  • How do you generate a random string?
  • You put a web developer in front of VIM and tell him to save and exit.

This joke is about people who’ve never used VIM text editor. The only way to exit VIM is to type “wq” but no one who has learned it, such as web developers and designers, know how to doit. Therefore they keep banging on keyboard producing random strings instead of quitting VIM.

The Terminator


  • Why didn’t The Terminator upgrade to Windows 10?
  • Because he still uses Vista, baby!

This joke is about Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator movie. In this movie he says “Hasta La Vista Baby!” and in this joke this line is translated to “He still uses Vista, baby,” making it very funny.

Baby Name Joke


  • We’d like to name him Peter.
  • That name is already taken! Please try Peter375 or Peter2016.

This is hilarious. You know when you register at forums, message boards or IM, you’ve to choose a username, and your name is probably taken? Then the platform offers you a different name by appending letters to it. Thanks God this doesn’t happen in hospitals, but this joke is exactly about that!

CSS Jokes

And of course I loved their CSS jokes. This one is called Ghost CSS Joke:


And this one is called Ninja CSS Joke:


And here’s another funny CSS pun called Lego CSS joke:


I love these jokes and I can’t wait when they release the next joke. You can learn more about Browserling at and visit for weekly laughs!