Years ago when mobile phones were introduced to the market, the devices where designed to make and receive calls. With passage of time, technology advanced and with this the features included in mobile phones also increased drastically.

You might not be able to think of a day without playing your favorite games on your phone and chatting with your friends. The latest form of data connectivity is called 4G and offers fabulous speed. The 4G connectivity offers maximum download speed of 100Mbps which was not provided by any of its predecessors.

Amazing data speeds now possible with 4G   

3G network had definitely brought in a change to the manner in which people used the connectivity options. This was because the speed offered by this form of connectivity was much better compared to EDGE or GPRS. However, when people had been using 3G connectivity for a while, more and more users had to share the bandwidth every day.

When speed was good, people could connect easily with their kith and kin around the world with the help of various social networking sites. Many people used the network resources at the same time especially during certain parts of the day. This reduced the speed occasionally. This is one main reason for the introduction of 4G connectivity that offers better speed and is IP-based.3G connectivity brought in a dynamic change to the lives of people.

However, this did not happen overnight. It took years after the implementation of this network to gain its popularity. This was because the implementation of this form of network connectivity was not done effectively. When 4G connectivity was introduced, these flaws were rectified right from the very beginning.

The OFDM which is the abbreviation for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is used in this technology to provide enhanced connectivity options to all users. Ad-hoc networks, multi-hop etc. were tackled by 4G connectivity right from the time of introduction. VoIP, Network conversions were also made possible.

Most importantly, the data usage charges per bit could be reduced considerably by the 4G networks. The data charges of 3G were relatively high. This was something that needed to be rectified but this was not made possible until the introduction of the latest connectivity standards. This network connectivity option makes it possible to enjoy better data speeds for lower rates.

Quite a lot of Smartphone devices support 4G connectivity these days. The latest technology is implemented by most mobile phone manufacturers as soon as possible as there is cut throat competition in the field today. The data connectivity is the most important feature in any phone. However good your phone is, you will be able to use it to the maximum only when you have connectivity options.

When you use GPRS or EDGE, you will have to look the screen for hours to get a file downloaded which is definitely frustrating. 3G is comparatively faster but by the time you download a certain amount of files, you will lose a lot of money. All these are rectified by 4G connectivity. You can enjoy amazing speeds without having to pay too much money. Author Bio: Fenix Raw is an IT professional from Test4prep.Are you really Looking for this 650-393 Test assistance? Move ahead to take the benefit of 642-661 Test and pass your exam easily.