A number of people find it is nearly impossible to go thought the day without using their smartphones and applications. Both Android and iPhone have a lot of useful apps that would change the flow of your life. There is an app for almost anything you want to do. If you decided to renovate your house or an apartment, use one of the apps. Home remodelling apps would help you choose the best interior design, colors and accessories for your home. Apps would calculate the amount of paint or wallpapers needed for the renovation.

Below you’ll find the best apps for interior design:

Apps For Remodelling Your Home

Home Design 3D

This great app would create your new virtual house. You can choose the desired interior design of doors, windows, and other accessories. It will help you set a design of your bedrooms, living rooms with chosen furniture. Take the measurements of your apartment and create a floor plan via this app. You can have a virtual tour of your designed home and even email it to your friends to exchange some ideas.

ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams

This free app would help you choose the right color for your walls. If you have a trouble finding the correct shade of blue or any other color use this app. Take a picture of the color that you like. It can be a color of a car on the street, or a wall in your friend’s house. Upload the image into the app to identify the right shade. Choose the right color from the best options available.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes you don’t really know how you want to redecorate your house, that’s why you need to go through various ideas and select the ones you like. This app would grant you access to a database with more than 200,000 design images from the best designers. The database gets updated on the regular basis. You will get an access to the newest design ideas.

iHandy Level

Do you need to hang a picture or curtains? This amazing app would help you find the right angle and slope. It works through gyroscope built in your iPhone or iPad.

Home Sizer

Do you want to put a new carpet in your living room and cannot estimate the square footage? This app would solve this and many other problems. It will also calculate the approximate cost of construction and renovation. You can also integrate your mortgage plan to estimate the monthly payment.

The Home Depot App

You would need to visit Home Depot at some point in the renovating process. This free app would give you an access to all products that you may need. Simply scan the barcodes of items that you need and get an overall cost. Next time you go to the store you will have a list of things you need to buy.

There are a multitude of options you can use to renovate your house. You may prefer digital design books to interior design magazines and brochures. Getting an app for your smart phone is easy and inexpensive.

When finished renovating, don’t forget to protect your newly decorated place with insurance. Compare the options and choose something suitable for your house!