Newly re-launched Moto G has better hardware spec such as 8-megapixel camera that is more advanced. It has been graciously designed with famous Motorola dimple on its curved back plate, peppy quad-core chipset and upgraded 8-megapixel camera. MicroSD slot enhances storage capacity of the phone. This provides Moto G more space for videos, photos and the games. Motorola wasted no time in introducing its third “Moto G” phone updating original Moto G from 2013.

New MotoG is a likable phone and gives you good in-hand feel. The rounded corners on sides match arched back that curves in the palm when you hold it. Flat sides give you good grip and are not sharp. Motorola’s dimple under the camera module is a nice home for index finger.  The large Moto g is 5.6 inches tall, 0.43 inch at thickest point and 2.8 inches wide. It weighs 5.3 ounces and is not heaviest seen around.

Moto G

It has 5-inch 1,280x720p HD screen which is appropriate for the cost of the phone, has bright images and reasonably detailed for daily use. But increase in screen size of earlier models but keeping same resolution, means drop in the pixel density. The phone when compared to other phones is not that impressive but is fine otherwise and is quite reasonable price.

When you use phone to stream the music and videos, dual speakers give an audio boost. Right spine has lock/power button and the volume rocker. Headset jack is housed at top and Micro-USB charging port is at the bottom. The back cover is to be peeled away to access SIM card and microSD card slots. Android KitKat runs in purest form on Moto G. Motorola slips few own apps into experience, including automated assistant, safety alert, device manager and program for helping transfer over  items from previous phone to this one.

It has 8-megapixel shooter which turns out nice shots and videos. You may drop to 6-megapixels for widescreen format. There are no blurry images now. Autofocus is not continuous but did not kick in always. Picture is taken by aping screen but you cannot drag focal frame around. Image quality is acceptable for normal use such as uploading to the social networks. Colors were not very rich like real world tones despite enough light but were decent quality.

Video quality is good at 720p HD capture resolution. Microphone is sensitive. Photos from 2-megapixel and front-facing camera were soft and fuzzy. Technically the front- facer is not great. Snapping photos with native app is quite easy.

Moto G lacks LTE but it does not indicate that speeds are dismal. When phone was tested the sites loaded fine but little slower than normal. You Tube videos could play well too. Moto G has many good things but the data speed desires are up to you. Keeping other hardware spec, handset design, price the Moto G is certainly a good budget phone.