We are in technology world, where more innovations are taking place. People won’t prefer to stick on into same trend, since they need change. In order to satisfy people needs more number of innovations is taking place in each field and it won’t come to an end. Watching movie is preferred by many individuals since it is a best entertainment available for them. They won’t prefer to step out of their place for watching movies, because they need comfort. In order to offer them real movie experience some products are in existence. Legacy cinemas are there to offer innovation for movie enthusiastic. Watch out movie from your home with real theatre experience. They are selling audio and video products which are high in quality. Now the latest innovation in the market is Legacy cinema Innovation SSI -71. This projector will give you live movie experience which you can’t expect with others. More innovations and features are added to it, in order to meet the demand of the current generation people. 3D compatible is also added to this product. Make use of this projector at your home and watch movies with your family. You will really get amaze with features included in this product and won’t hesitate to purchase it.

Real Cinema Theater

HD clarity pictures

Enjoy crystal clear picture because HD feature is added to this product. It is compatible for 40 to 200 inches of screen size. Specifications and more special features are added to this product in order make it unique. Try out this product in your home and gain the best experience. No need to visit theatre for watching movies so match movies in HD quality with this special projector. You can connect it using HDMI cable. It includes 4K compatible facility. More features are added to make it innovative; you will surely impress with features included in this product. It is specially innovated to satisfy current generation people. 3D glass also included in it, so watch 3D movies from your home. Moreover, you can use it for your office purpose in order to make your presentation live. When you use it in your home then your kids will surely enjoy watching movies. People prefer to watch movies comfortably from their home, so they can purchase this innovative product. It comes along with required materials, so you can use it once you get the product.

Specifications in it

Here are some among the specifications included in this product. It is 3D compatible and with a contrast ratio of 42000: 1. Other than this, Led Lamp is added which works approximately for 20000 hours. It comes along with the warranty. Moreover, required kit also comes along with the product. Make use of the user manual in order to operate this product. Manual will guide you how to start it and quick start card is also there for you. Change your home into a cinema theatre using this product and gain live cinema experience. Watch out movies from your comfort zone and entertain yourself. Dual speakers are there to display sound in high pitch.