Are you looking to promote your account but are not seeing growth as it would with real followers at the frequency you are satisfied with? It may take time to see 100% organic growth as you have to build up your account enough to get noticed. This is where you can start growing at faster rate. Along with Instagram followers, it needs you to buy cheap likes to create illusion of active profile. If you visited Instagram account of Kim Kardashian with millions of followers and her posts have only few likes, it may seem strange. When a lot of people focus on just followers, there are many people who also prefer to see number of likes and engagement.

There are several companies offering Instagram services, even though a lot provide inferior quality services. As its public knowledge, there are several people looking for the accounts which have fake followers. It’s vital to do everything possible to make your account appear natural if you choose to inflate with your following with the followers you are going to buy –

Buying Cheap Likes

Important Engagement Metrics on Instagram


It is an important metrics that a lot of people rely on. Naturally, the account which is very popular is all set to have huge followers’ base. With the growth of following, the commenting and liking of the people will tag friends if the content provides value and is found funny. This way, they want to become popular. You need to look for realistic number of followers. When a popular celebrity can purchase up to 100,000 followers currently and people never give a second thought on it, if an individual buys the same number of followers, most people will easily catch him as he has bought followers. Even 10000 followers is a big deal for an individual. You have to be realistic and avoid unwanted attention to the profile.


Liking the posts is really very easy using double tap, there are many people who avoid comment on them. If you choose to comment, stop scrolling and type message. By liking the post, you can show what you appreciate without spending a lot of time typing. The ratio of comments is very low, unless celebrity posts something which starts trending.


It is known to be the easiest way to tell if Instagram account features real followers. If it is so, there would be around 1:10 of likes to following ratio. For 10 followers, you have to get a single like on one post. The feed makes it easier to scroll down and like the posts with double tap. You can get up to 10% of like response with real following.

Add Followers and Buy Cheap Likes

When it comes to buy followers, be sure to add some of the likes to the shopping cart. When it comes to do it, you have to ensure that your following should be related to the rate of engagement closely on your recent posts. Be sure to spend money and time on good use.