DHT is a significant cause of hair loss, but it can be stopped completely by castration. If that’s a bit too drastic, you can try taking saw Palmetto supplements. Research suggests that saw Palmetto may block DHT. Dairy has been shown to cause DNA damage along with animal fats that can destroy your thyroid and cause hair loss. Organic vgan diets can greatly change your body and how it functions. Eliminate oils and supplement your diet with zinc, iodine / iodine solution, selenium, silica, d3 and b12. Dihydrotestosterone is one factor in hair loss, but genetics is primary.

Hair Loss

Key Points-

  1. For those whose follicles are more sensitive to DHT, an oral medication called finasteride can block some of the effect.
  2. DHT is the main reason of Androgenetic alopecia. People suffering from it have specialized receptors to attract DHT in hair follicles. Presence or absence of these receptors regulates whether you will be suffering from baldness or not. These receptors are hereditarily inherited and may also hop generations.
  3. It is not the high level of DHT but the manifestation of these receptors binds with them in the scalp leading to condensed scalp passage and shortening of growth phase and follicle size in MPT. Therefore you may even see a person losing hair inspite of normal levels of DHT or vice versa.

DHT damages the follicle. But neither it is right to say that it causes baldness, nor you should be looking to block it. Poor circulation allows DHT to accumulate and have a prolonged toxic effect, and it is only due to this prolonged effect that follicles actually die. It is correct to say that the cause of male pattern baldness is chronic stress acting upon the musculature that controls the scalp, resulting in this thin layer of tissue being pulled tight across the crown of the skull.

Do you known what do a Dihydrotestosterone do? It is not just focussed on hair, but is involved in a number of aspects in regard to health and wellness. DHT contribute to male sex character such as a deeper voice, growth of facial and body hair, stronger musculature and so forth. It is not involved in aspects of female growth and development.

How it occurs?

Testosterone is converted to DHT through the functions of a specific enzyme. That enzyme is known as 5- alpha-reductase or 5-AR. The relationship between DHT and testosterone is also a close one because they both award to the same cell receptors, though DHT does so more simply and impasses to those receptor cells for long time.

Because of conversion of testosterone into DHT, the two are often linked to a common symptom of low T- hair loss or male pattern baldness. Some side effects have been associated with use of finasteride in a small percentage of men involved in studies including loss of sex drive or decrease in ejaculate. First the cause of your raise DHT needs to be evaluated and the drugs are to be taken only after being prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. Talk to your doctor about the linkage between testosterone and DHT.