Duromine is one among many weight loss medications available today. The results of Duromine have been proven by few studies. If an individual is looking out for medications to kick start their weight loss program this is the best choice that one should discuss with their physicians.

Duromine is considered as a high strength medication. Phentermine is the main ingredient in Duromine. Many clinical trials have been reported positive results for phentermine. Majority of the users have given positive feedback for Duromine.

Duromine Results


Based on scientific results and several reviews it can be stated that Duromine can be used for positive results in weight loss. When people used Duromine 30 mg they have experienced rapid weight loss and appetite suppression. Duramine is a brand name for the medication phentermine. It can be used for up to four months.

Where to buy?

Since Duromine is one among many controlled substances, to buy it one needs medical prescription. It is available online and in local pharmacies as well. There are overseas online pharmacies which don’t ask for prescription. But buying from them may be risky. This is because they may send poor quality medicines. Since it is not legal to buy a controlled substance without having a prescription, there are chances that package may get confiscated by authorities.

Side effects of Duromine:

Like many other medications, even Duromine comes with few negative effects which must be considered. Some users have experienced shakiness and nausea. Some others also reported that they got sleep issues and headaches as well.

For some people in long term these effects got disappeared. But for others these negative effects were severe and they stop the medications intake. After using this medication the body usually takes longer time to process this. This is because Duromine is considered as one among very potent medications available.

iNova pharmaceuticals is the company which manufactures Duromine. This company is from Australia. Duromine got approval for its use in the weight loss in 2007 in Australia. Today this medication is also available in New Zealand and South Africa. It may be available in some other coutries where iNora has its business.

In United States this is not available. But here other drugs are available which come with the same ingredient that is phentermine. They have Adipex and phentermine hydrochloride which serves the same purpose. The users are guaranteed to experience great results after using Duromine.


There are users who have lost ten pounds in just one week after using Duromine. They have seen significant weight loss of 50 pounds in just six months of usage. Some users have opinion that this is best for people with higher weight loss targets like 80 pounds rather one who has targets like 20- 30 pounds.

Some users experienced hiccups after using this medication. But they have disappeared gradually and they experienced great weight loss results from Duromine. Majority of the people have succeeded in achieving results from Duromine by accompanying its intake with proper diet, exercise programs and behavioral modifications in their lifestyle.