Nowadays, people like to spend their time in playing mobile games. Mobile games not only entertain you but, it also keep you busy until you are playing it. Generally, mobile games are designed for the youth as the young people like to play games more than the elders. Every year, the mobile gaming companies launch different types of mobile games to provide you with the best gaming experience. Some of these games are free as well and you can play it without spending anything.


Earlier year, Pokemon Go had created a buzz with its superior design and objectives. The game has received favorable feedbacks in the recent months and has become one of the best mobile games so far. Another mobile game that has created a spark this year is Bubble Pop Sniper. The objective of this game is to aim and shoot the bubbles that appear in the game. The more bubbles you shoot, the more score you get. Moreover, you can shoot multiple bubbles at a time but your aim needs to be accurate. You need to shoot all the bubbles in order to reach the next level.

Bubble Pop Sniper has almost 2000 levels and it gets tougher with every level. It is an exciting game and you will get addict to it once you start playing. And, the best part is that you don’t need to pay anything for playing it. All you need to do is download the game and start playing. This game is only compatible with iOS and doesn’t run on other operating systems. There are very few iOS games that are free of cost and bubble pop sniper is one among them. The game is designed in such a way that you will never lose interest and will get involve with each level.

Bubble Pop Sniper has been named in 5 Best Free iOS Games of the 2016 and has gained popularity in the gaming world. The game is very simple in design still it draws your attention when you play it. A good mobile game is one that occupies less space in your phone and has great graphics and that’s what this game offers. Therefore, if you are a game lover and likes to play in your odd times then, we recommend you to download and play this game for having a new gaming experience. Download and play the game right now :