Recording submerged quests have become common inside the scuba diving community. Price tags have fallen, and as action camera technology has improved, the world of High Definition videography is now accessible to almost anyone.

There are a variety of actions cameras readily available for scuba diving; some are designed particularly for the sport, while other, multipurpose cameras could be transformed with the use of further accessories.

Allow me to share three scuba accessories, for the GoPro HD, the Drift HD as well as two distinct action cameras. For quick comparison on action cameras and rating click here.

Buy Right Diving Accessories For Action Cameras

BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD

From skydiving to wakeboarding potentially the greatest camera on earth, the GoPro HD can be used for each sport possible. The GoPro boasts complete 1080p record, 11 megapixels still image capabilities and a 170-degree wide angle lens.

The GoPro comes in three sport-specific bundles, among which, the GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition, adds itself entirely to scuba diving. While the Surf Hero is an excellent scuba camera in its right, there is an accessory available that is bound to excite those having an acute eye for underwater photography – the BlurFix Lens for GoPro HD.

Drift HD Watertight Case

It is one of the most accomplished cameras in the world’s; a wide angle lens, complete High Definition record and a built-in color LCD screen are only some of characteristics which make this camera so well-liked by action sports enthusiasts, world-around.

The Drift is usually related to sports performed on snow or soil, like skiing and cycling. Nevertheless, those planning to take advantage of all Drift’s attributes can do so utilizing the Drift HD Submerged Case.

It is crucial have accessory for Drift proprietors who want to get wet!