There is no denial, social media works like a glue to all content marketing activities. Content creation is the easiest part, but promoting it is the toughest. At the same time, it’s worth spending time on, because a large number of audience is present on different social media channels, giving you an opportunity to cash in – make followers, increase your reach, engage them and build your brand’s reputation.How to Efficiently Align Social Media with Content Marketing Strategy

There isn’t a standard way to supplement social media with content marketing. But that doesn’t mean you’re free to post anything in any manner. Here are certain proven approaches and techniques that can help build your social following. For all kinds of social media and SEO services, you can trust on Webryze SEO Toronto.

  1. Links are not enough

Social media isn’t just a way to push visitors and readers towards your content. So, don’t just post links for this purpose. This strategy will work, but not before a proper homework.

You need to build a strong profile with the help of interesting and engaging content. Give them something they find interesting and unique Perhaps, a closer look at your company that can engage a community. You may ask your team to post questions about the product.

Best profiles are the ones that go parallel with content marketing. Plus, social channels also offer insight and further analysis of the content shared. It should also be a place where your readers can discuss about your content.

  1. Inspire Discussions

Social media supplements your larger content marketing strategy. You need to take advantage of this opportunity, because you can really boost your conversions if use a social platform efficiently.

To do that, create thriving, positive discussions that keep your brand in the minds of the audience. Good discussions, with your insight on product, will resolve customers’ concerns. This is perhaps the easiest way to inspire readers and potential customers. Keeping discussions going is even more important for the brand reputation.

  1. Keep Your Audience Talking About Your Products
  • Ask followers about their opinions of your products and content.
  • Offer advice and guidance for those who are expressing questions online.

With the increase in followers, discussions will automatically grow larger. A time will come when you’re no longer needed to describe your product. Initially, your presence is of utmost importance.

You may offer incentives to the people talking about your products. You can organize contests and giveaways, and reward the most valuable contributor. Or you can simply make discussions more interesting by asking different questions your customers need answers for.

  1. Creating Behind-the-Scenes Atmosphere

Don’t make social media direct extension of your content marketing.

  • Show users cut content or materials that didn’t make it into final pieces in order to give them an insight into how you craft your work.
  • Provide additional commentary and insight into content that you’ve produced which helps draw attention back to your content whilst generating debate.

All of this gives your followers the feeling that they’re involved with your work, and can help them to form attachments to the people that are involved in your team.

  1. Don’t Lose Sight of Analytic

Keep a clear eye on your followers, website visitors, and social media interactions. These numbers will point you towards action that you might need to take to improve the way you’re presenting your company on social media.

  • See which posts get the most shares and likes, then aim to replicate these.
  • Try to spot trends in wording or subject matter to give you an idea of what content performs best with your social media following.
  1. CTA’s Count A lot

No matter what you’re doing with social media, ultimately you should be looking to push people to take action.You need to keep getting people to your website. You can ask your visitors to make purchase. You can directly ask them to visit your website, or read your articles.

By encouraging audience to engage with your product, you can actually grow your audience. Use lots of active words, such as ‘read’, ‘watch’, ‘click’, and ‘comment’, to tell people exactly what they should be doing.


Use every tool available to get online communities discussing your content. The more people care, the further your content will travel, and the more successful your marketing strategy will prove to be.