The people have found, the best place to set your first lead card is 3 to 5 seconds to your video beginning. Knowing the viewer attention is only 5 to 8 seconds, your lead card will play as a distraction to them from leaving. As they are moving the mouse to leave your video, the card slides out. The leverage of curiosity weighs on the viewer and they feel inclined to see what is behind the card before leaving. You will want to use the free called the Google keyword planner to decide exactly what someone will be searching for. When you know what problem or challenge your viewer is facing, then your chances of having the perfect content they are penetrating for augments. Using this policy to high retention YouTube views and build your content around helps to ensure longer viewer time.

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Increase Audience Retention:

Images and titles should always match your content. Pictures with cute dogs and cats may be fun and catchy titles may get you the clicks to your video. But, once people who clicked because of a misleading image or title to see the content doesn’t match, they will exit the video. The high retention YouTube views are very important to your videos success. Why risk it for a high view count. But, no one is watching the video. Many marketers save their best content for last. This is a fatal mistake. Why? Because, if the content at the beginning of your video is weak, people will sign off before you had a chance to wow them with your best content. Realizing they live in an ADD world today, keep your videos as short as possible. You want to deliver the goods, give your call to action and end your video. Leave the technical statistics for a free report you may offer.