When parents come to know something terrible about their kids and teens, they start chasing their activities. If you are the worried partner and you want to keep an additional eye on your spouse? Are your employees think that they are too smart and don’t let you know that they are wasting time in working hours. All you need to do is to have surveillance and it will happen only through to have android spy app. It will empower you to get rid of all the issues you are facing being a parents, employer, and spouse.


The tracking software for Android has plenty of robust features to hear and record the surroundings sounds of your target phone along with complete time schedule. It allows you to take abrupt action having an emergency. The spy app’s bug their phone empowers users to take affirms action and let you know all the hidden secrets of your kids and teens, employees and spouses within no time. However, there are some following mentions groundbreaking features of the TheOneSpy Android software which you need to use in order to dig out all rabbit holes of your surrounding of your target smartphone device.


A user will be able to safeguard their loved ones, to keep an eye on your employees and to scrutinize the activities of your spouse which he/she is doing secretly within their Android cell phone.

How does it work?

The Android software’s feature can easily initiate with the help of push-button notification suddenly after that the message will deliver on your target device. All you need to do is to log in through a control panel. Once the notification has sent by the users and when it’s been received then all the information of the surroundings will be captured through the back and front camera of your target cell phone Android device. The user can make short videos from 15 seconds up to 1 minute. The user can also set timings of video recording through a control panel. The user can record the short videos at any time, but when the Android target device connected to the internet. If the internet connection of the target device is limited then notifications will remains on pending till the time internet activated again. Then it will get started making short videos with the help of spycam of android monitoring app.

MIC Bug:

If you are worried about kids and teens who are involved in wrongful activities, being an employer you want to keep an eye on your employee’s gossips which they do against the organization and spouse who have some kind of reservation about the loyalty of their partner. MIC bug will let you know all the activities within no time.

How does it Work?

First of all, a user needs to log in from a TheOneSpy user account. Once complete the login process then go towards the features and select the MIC bug. It enables the user to record the surrounding sounds of the Android mobile phone device with the help of the device microphone.

How does it Work?

Now it is time for a user to create MIC bug and then send it to the Android phone device to get started. The user has the choice to send its instructions on a device, it Starts MIC bugging rapidly and all other commands will stay on pending.

  • The bug will upload all the voices and surrounding sounds and user can listen to it.
  • The user can get a record by visiting the dashboard.
  • In case the internet connection is limited and users have already sent the command then you will get the notifications of either “Failed” and on “Pending”.

Camera Bug:

Users in the shape of parents, employers, and spouses can get unbelievable advantages such make a check on surroundings of their target person in order to track its location in the emergency. The user can get photos of the surroundings of the target phone in order to know the exact location of a target person.  

How does it initiate:

You just require one crucial thing to do which is log in through TOS account and with the help of the control panel you have to visit the given features. Then select among all of the features “Camera Bug”. Now it is time for the user to send command on their target device by using the control panel of the android spy app and make photos of the surroundings of the particular target device. The captured photos will be automatically uploaded on the control panel; the user can get all the photos by visiting the dashboard. The internet connection should be activated while performing all upper mention method.


The Android mobile phone spy app empowers parents, employers, and spouses to listen and record the surroundings of employee’s gossips, to track the location of your child by capturing photos of the surrounding sounds and make short videos of the surroundings of your spouse in order to remove your suspicions.