Energy is an issue or topic that is constantly gaining importance in the world, today. There are different options available to securing energy assistance, such as: solar, wind, natural gas, and hydro-electricity. It seems that everyone has an opinion on the subject, but what is right? What is wrong? And is having a variety of options the best bet for everyone’s needs?

More Than One Source

Many argue that relying on one source for energy could potentially be harmful. It’s noted that having a variety of options/choices would make sense economically, as well as when it came to the task of installation. It can also be argued that renewable sources rely heavily on environmental factors i.e. the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, which is an inconvenience. Relying on a single, renewable energy method could also prove to be quite expensive.

Development Of New Applications

A General Observation

The support of a number of techniques seems to be the general census, here. It seems that (negative) environmental issues could actually be the result if the right option is not eventually decided upon and chosen. Therefore, it seems necessary to focus on different sources to produces energy, with a ‘long term’ procedure in mind. An idea was stated to potentially have an optimized energy network that covers the whole world.

An Alternative Method

Natural gas has been numerously mentioned as a possible alternative method to this situation. Natural gas is noted as being cleaner than coal. Natural gas also seems to allow better products to be developed, and allows the chance of renewable sources to stand without subsides.

Another take on this natural gas idea is that natural gas is more effective than the other options available. The importance of finding ways to safeguard nuclear power is also noted, as well as learning how to contain radiation in the event of a meltdown.

Could It Be a Myth

It’s interesting to note the last observation on the list of possible choices. The idea of a ‘myth’ is stated i.e. will renewable sources (wind, water, solar, etc) really eventually replace fossil fuels? It’s stated that coal, oil, and natural gas will continue to dominate the power of the future, again, because wind and water can’t actually be completely and properly controlled. With this observation, does it make arguing of the two methods kind of moot? Will fossil fuels, in a sense, continue to win?

When it comes to different types of energy, a great debate is formed. Though there seems to be two sides (in some cases more) to every story, the popular vote seems to be to not rely on just on source of energy to assistance with everyone’s needs. Besides, doesn’t having a variety of means of energy equally the possibility of having more support? A single choice will most likely not be decided on anytime in the near future. After all, there are other factors to consider, including costs and the affect that could be had on the environment.