There are lots of reasons to be on the lookout for trendy and useful phone accessories. Brand new owners of the iPhone 5s will be shopping for the niftiest accessories to pair with their shiny phone. And with Christmas around the corner, many shoppers are on the hunt for really unique gifts for their phone crazy friends and family. Whether you are pampering your own phone or scoring points with the techies in your life this holiday season, here are some truly great accessories (or is it necessities?) for phones.

Best Phone Accessories

Tune into Your Technology

A popular and practical first accessory for your smartphone is a pair of headphones. These can be used for hands free calls, jogging with your favorite songs or tuning into the highlight real while on break at the office.

There is a wide variety of options depending on what is most important to you, such as:




Sound quality

Earbuds work well for a simplified and easy to store option. Larger headphones with noise cancellation come in stylish styles work well for periods of longer use where you will need superior sound and comfort. For the true audio aficionado, there are also surround sound headphones to provide the most realistic experience out there.

Connect with a Cable

A stocking stuffer sized item, a USB on the go cable easily allows your phone to connect to a keyboard or external storage device. With just a couple inches of cord, the USB OTG cable allows your phone to have a USB port just like on your computer.

Putting Your Phone on Your Wrist

In 2011, CNN reported on the growing phenomenon of obsessive phone checking. Two years later, tech companies are finally releasing the smart watch to help people who love to know what’s happening on their phones all the time.

Now you can be a compulsive device checker without looking rude or obsessed. Although you may still feel preoccupied with updates, you can pull it off like a secret agent.

One study found that the average participant checked his or her phone 34 times a day. Why smartphone users do this remains a good question. Some researchers believe that it is because a new email or a re-tweet represents a little bit of positive affirmation or validation. But whether this is true or not, you can now check your phone about 34 times an hour by simply glancing down at your wrist.

Form and Function from Your Case

Probably the most important smartphone accessory is a quality case to protect your device from daily use. New technology can seal a phone inside and prevent any water from finding a way in to harm the device. This gives you freedom to go about your morning routine, complete with orange juice and dog drool but without worry.

Cases also come in handy to increase the phone’s survival odds in the event of a long fall from the counter top. This gives your delicate piece of technology a chance at living to see another day. It will also help keep the phone safe from scratches and nicks that make the screen tricky to see and eventually devalue the resale possibilities.

Great cases that are truly effective are often cost a little bit more than a normal phone skin. But right now, U.S. consumers can get a Lifeproof discount on specialized cases to save money and find the phone protection they need for peace of mind.

With all these great ideas, you are all set to play Santa to your loved ones or yourself.